Workshop: Storytelling for Impact


An online workshop/ panel discussion will be available to all OWSD members dedicated to ‘story telling’: the importance of communicating research in a compelling way to a variety of audiences, including experts in your field but also for the general public. A clear story can capture the attention of journalists, social media influencers, policy makers, sponsors, donors, partners as well as research collaborators. Your story can be aimed at listeners, readers or viewers in your country, or in your region; or further afield. Depending on the audience – and your objective - you may want to adapt where your story starts and where it ends. But the important thing is that you have the power and the control over the story you tell. You decide the context, the audience, the goal. Professional trainers are on hand to guide you in the technical aspects of storytelling through photography, film making and podcast creation as well as good old-fashioned narrative.  The hope is that you will then be able to pass on those skills to other OWSD members – and work together in your national chapters to make sure that the successful stories of women scientists working in developing countries – despite all the challenges you have faced – are made available to the world. 

This workshop will build on the very positive experience of the OWSD Visions project - where aspiring film makers based in developing countries have undergone online training with a film maker and produced their own 3-5 minute videos starring women scientists. This workshop will introduce a new branch of OWSD Stories: to be called OWSD Audios, and focusing on the voice (through podcasts).